Is Safe Or Not

Kodi, a popular media software allows you to access different forms of video content, like movies and TV shows for free through Video add-ons like OpenLoad, FlashX, Vshare etc. As a result Kodi is booming on the internet currently due to its features. Although, this sounds good for the app and its user base, it has been quite detrimental for it’s video streaming and hosting services like Flashx pair, as new errors and issues have been popping up because of it frequently.

To solve many of the countless errors and issues, FlashX has worked in hands with Kodi to launch a pairing service to make it easier for its users. Let’s find out if it’s safe or not and how it works.

Tips To Secure Pair With

Is FlashX pair safe to use?

FlashX TV uses a pairing method where it connects it’s website IP with your personal device IP address. After pairing, they receive information of your device IP address like Location, Time etc which can be unsafe since it is a breach in privacy. Even though, has been deemed of not having to do anything with such information, it is better to maintain a low profile on the internet and not disclose your information like location etc anywhere unwanted on the internet unintentionally since the content you are viewing off FlashX are copyrighted and you could fall into Copyright Infringement issues due to violations.

How to stay safe while using

We have successfully figured out that using is not safe since they take valuable information from our IP address like location.Well, this can be easily prevented and countered by providing them with a different IP address than your personal IP address so that it cannot be tracked back to you at any means. This can be done very simply by just installing and using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Once we use VPN then we do not facing any not working in flashx tv pair.

What is a VPN(Virtual Private Network)?

What a VPN(Virtual Private Network) does is, it masks your real IP with another IP on top of it as a layer and any website you visit on the internet, it will assume your IP address to be the one given by the VPN(Virtual Private Network). We suggest you go with popular and trusted VPNs(Virtual Private Network) like Nord VPN or IP Vanish which can change your location information etc with a completely different location and also other private information allowing you to avoid any Copyright Infringement issues.

Final Words

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