How To Fix Flashx Pair Stream Authorization On Firestick

As we all know the flashx tv pair have been introduced for every kodi users, here we are going to show you how to pair your kodi with flashx pair on firestick. Once you pair your device with this then you won’t be getting any type of pop ups or any type of interruptions while playing the video or any kind of shows.

The below mentioned method is stream authorization and it is very popular method to flashx tv pair fix these types of pop up’s issues. So check the method and try it in your firestick kodi and then enjoy all your shows.

How to Fix Flashx Pair On Firestick Kodi WIth Stream Authorization Method

Now we have the best streaming authorization method in the below lines and now you need to just follow the below steps and then avoid the pop ups whatever you’re getting lack of authorization. This flashx pair will give you its service up to four hours and then it will be expired.

  • Chose “Kodi Software” from your “Fire stick” device
  • On that device you need to “Watch a movie”
  • Now a pop up arise “To Play This Video Stream Authorization Is Required”
  • Now Install Silk Browser from amazon app store then open it.
  • Then open a new window and browse “”
  • You can see your “IP Address” here and then you have to confirm that “You’re Not A Robot”
  • In the last step just hit on “Pair”

This is the procedure to pair your flashx pair on your fire stick kodi device, if you got expired with your four hours service, you need to repeat the above procedure. So just keep on repeating the procedure eventually.


This is the best procedure ever to fix flashx pair on your firestick kodi and you will not get any kind of interrupting pop ups once you paired your device with the server. We hope this article helps you a lot and you will share this blog to any other firestick kodi users.

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