[*Trick*] Fix Flashx.tv/pair Streaming Authorization Error On Kodi

With the Flashx Tv Pair you can pair your kodi device by using the IP addresses and then you will not be getting the interruptions such as stream authorization error and all other flashx.tv/pair not working issues and also the different types interruptions like ads.

So to pair your kodi device with this server you have different methods, so in this article we are going to share with you them and you can follow them by using the below steps and then you can get rid of all types of interruptions. So let me start the tutorial now.

Note: Flashx pair keep changing their website address, for our kodi users we keep updating the working urls(website adderess of flashx tv pair for now working urls are ” flashx.tv/pair, flashx.cc/pair and flashx.vx/pair” and the process to fix this still same have a look below to fix the flashx tv pair.

How To Fix flashx.tv/pair Streaming Authorization on Kodi 17& 18

Whenever you are watching any movie or any video through the any of your favorite videos, you will get a pop up to play this video “Stream authorization is required”, so at that time you have to follow the below steps. The steps shows you how to pair your device with the flashx pair by using the stream authorization method with the IP addresses.

1. Start your “Kodi Software” > Hit on “Addons” > List of movies come, so “Select Any Movie”

2. After selecting the “Video” you will get “Stream Authorization Is Required To Play This Video”

3. So open Browser” and enter “https://flashx.tv/pairing.php”

4. To get “Registered with it” you have to hit on “Sign Up” option

flashx pair 1

5. Then enter “User Name, Email, Password, ..etc”

flashx pair 2

6. Click on “Register” and then you have to “Verify your registered Mail”

7. In that mail you will get “Verification Link”, so click on it and then your Flashx tv pair account will be confirmed

flashx tv pair 3

8. You need to re enter “https://flashx.tv/pairing.php” in a new browser > hit on “Verify Me” > Chose “Pair Now”

flashx pair 4


That’s it you can use your kodi addon to watch any of your favorite videos, now it will work fine!. After 3 hours we need to pair our device with the same way

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Alternate Method To Pair Flashx tv pair With The Kodi (Stream Authorization)

Now we are going to give you the alternative solution that is turning off the hosters with captchas, so you can try this one in case the above method didn’t work.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software” > Chose “Video Addons” > Hit on your “any addon”
  2. Now Hit on “Tools” > Select “Settings: Playback
  3. Now “Turn Off” The “Hosters With Captchas”
  4. Select “OK”

That’s all your device has paired with the flashx tv pair by using your device IP address. So you can stream your favorite videos now.

Fix The Flashx.tv/Pair With URL Resolver

If you install the URL resolver on your kodi, then that will be resolve all the hidden URL mistakes which were entered while you were installing the flashx pair. So let us get this URL resolver to fix the Flashx.tv/pair.

  • Chose “Addons” from the “Kodi Home Screen” > “Package Installer” > “Install From Zip File”
  • Now select the zip file “Script.module.urlresolver-x.x.x.zip”
  • Here the “Addon Is Installing On your Device”
  • Go back to the “Kodi Home Screen” > “Settings” > “System Settings”
  • Hit on “Systems Of Settings” which lies beneath of your screen
  • Until it will be changed to “Standard or Advanced”
  • Hit on “Addons” > Click on “Manage Dependencies” > Hit on “URL Resolver”
  • Finally hit on “Update”

This is the best procedure to fix any kind of missing dependencies on your flashx tv pair on any kodi version. So install the URL resolver and then automatically you can solve different dependency issues, so you can easily pair the flashx with the kodi device.

How To Fix Flashx.tv/pair On Firestick Tv Kodi

The below steps will teach you how to pair the flashx.tv/pair on kodi firetvstick. If you are using the firestick tv to watch the kodi software then you must have to pair the kodi IP address with the flashx server.

  1. Open Any Browser > Enter “https://flashx.tv/pairing.php”
  2. Now you will get a“Page” to pair
  3. At the same time you have to solve “Verify Me” (Human Verification)
  4. Finally click on “Pair Now”
  5. Now you will get a pop up which says “Your Device Paired with the Flashx.tv pair IP address”

This is the safe and easiest method to pair your firestick tv kodi with the flashx tv pair IP address. From now on wards you can enjoy the video streaming up to four hours.

Why Flashx Pair Is Getting Not Working Issues?

There are few reasons for why flashx pair is getting not working issues. You can check them from the below mentioned points.

  • You need to check the “URL” which we mentioned in the above methods
  • Try the above methods one by one then any of them will be working perfectly
  • Use the step by step procedure, do not skip any step while pairing

How To Remove flashx tv pair Provider From Kodi

The another issue to the flashx.tv/pair users is flashx tv pair provider, this issue irritates most of the time while watching the favorite movies on kodi with their favorite versions like krypton and also jarvis. If you are also one of them who are getting flashx tv pair provider then follow the below steps.

  1. Click on the “Video Addon” > Hit on “Settings” > Chose “Configure”
  2. Here you can get the “Providers” option, so “Click” on it
  3. Now you will get “List Of Providers”
  4. Hit on “Onseries” and you should “Uncheck” it
  5. Finally, hit on “OK”

That’s all you’ve successfully removed the flashx tv pair provider from your kodi software and you can use any addon to watch movies without having any interruptions.

Is Flashx.cc Safe To Pair

The Flashx.cc/Pair Is Not Safe to use because to pair our device with this server we need to give consent to pair with our device IP address. With that IP address they can track every aspect of our device’s history.

So what we have to do to be in a safe zone with flashx pair? here we have a best product which can give you the best privacy. The server name is Virtual Private Network (IP Vanish) this can change your IP address eventually as per your location. if you use VPN it can also automatically fix flashx.tv/pair not working issue as well. So your device can not be tracked by any hackers and also some restricted areas.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Flashx.tv/pair

Q: Why My Smartphone unable to pair with flashx.tv/pair?

It happens commonly your smartphone connected with other wifi network or may be you’re using any vpn app in your mobile.

Q: is there any permanent solution to get ride of these pairing best sites without loosing video content?

Yes! by using the real debrid service, you can get ride of these websites without loosing any of the video content.

Q: How To Get Rid Off Flashx.tv ad/pair Ads?

From the google chrome window hit on the “Menu Button” from the right corner > Now hit on “Settings” > click the “Extensions” > Then chose“Remove Programs” which you don’t need > Especially which are similar to the “Flashx.tv ad/pair” > Finally, click on the “Trash Bin” Icon

if you have more questions we covered almost everything in separate flashx tv pair FAQ page.

How To Get Flashx.tv/Pair Unlimited Streaming Service

Actually, this flashx.tv/pair will allow you to stream your favorite videos with four hours duration. But when you want to watch the videos on kodi with unlimited duration then you must have to use the VPN service along with the flashx tv pair.

The best Virtual Private Network to use on every kodi version is IP Vanish and also Hoxx VPN. So pair your devie with the flashx pair to get rid of many hassles and for unlimited duration for your watch experience then use the best VPN service with low cost.